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Have you ever wondered why artists choose garrets for their atelier? Is it because garrets are inexpensive? Maybe. But I think that there are also other reasons. First, a garret is often an unfinished part of a house --well suited to the creative quality of an artistic life, which is rarely finished with inspirations for new works. Second, a garret is often located up under the eaves of a pitched roof, where the interior structure is revealed. This ambience suggests the weight of pressure which artists need to feel to stay alert to their interior life and to sustain just the right amount of creative stress. Third, a garret is on the top floor of the house with the sky-light or birds-eye-view windows or walkways to the roof which all satisfy an artistic craving to be free above and beyond like a bird. 
This site draws from similar intuitions and introduces a new insight according to which any creative inner life has some kind of unfinished, interior, top floor in it. I call it an inner garret and I enjoy having one. It is there where I turn intuitions and ideas into paintings. In 2007-2011 I was the Artist-in-Residence at Washington Theological Union where I participated in Arts for Theology and Ministry program. The artistic activity adds a new dimension to my ministry as a pastor. To learn more about my artwork I invite you to take a look around my Inner Garret Art pages.
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Artist's Statement

The lot of Adam, we all believe that, if we persevere in systematic poking the incomprehensible with our loyal and reliable spears of tongues and numbers, we will make it bleed amply enough, to reveal its secret DNA, adding one more trophy to the library of human comprehension. But only some of us know that, if we tickle the same mystery with, be it: a tip of the tongue from the fiery dwelling of our soul, the incomprehensible will flash shapes, colors and warmth so familiar to our own flesh that, like it was with Adam, our life will be complete.

Rev. Jaroslaw Gamrot M.Div.

"You have to trust the place that is solid, the place where you can say yes to God's love even when you do not feel it."
-Henri J. M. Nouwen, (1932-1996), "The Inner Voice of Love"
Paintings by Rev. Jaroslaw Gamrot M.Div.