"The character of Christian painting is essentially, not accidentally, figurative"
-Titus Burckhardt (1908-1984), "Sacred Art in East and West"
The true easel supporting my paintings is the approach which recognizes art's unique value through a relation between the artist and the viewer. This communicative characteristic of art places it among the noetic qualities and aspirations of human spirit. I believe that such an elevating perception of art, protects it from the destructive fallacy of self-fulfillment and alienation.
The inspiration for my artwork comes from the spiritual life of Christian tradition, the nature, and travels. My artistic interests lean toward figurative expressions as well as creative visualizations of contrasts between "sacrum" and "profanum", "visible" and "invisible", "spiritual" and "carnal". I consider my paintings to be a coalescence of my spiritual, intellectual and aesthetical needs.
I paint in oils and acrylics and prefer large canvases. They satisfy my style of painting with wide brushes and long strokes.  My compositions utilize the entire available surface, from edge to edge, requiring box frames to avoid compromising the visibility of any peripheral parts. I should admit I am generous with paint. My artwork consists of rough surfaces of thick layers, blobs and lumps in raw, bright colors.
Some of my paintings take forms of  visual meditations. After a while, sometimes even before finished, they take on their own life leading me to new insights in my pastoral work and provide help in spiritual discernment.
30"x40" oil